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  •  Murals & tiles can be made from most any photograph or image

  • The image can be carved, imprinted or molded then glazed to suite a decor

  • A truly 'one of a kind' mural can be installed on a wall or mounted inside a frame

  • Designs can be most anything that lends itself to the imagination and constraints of the medium

  • Look around this site for examples of images from Angkor Wat in Cambodia. They would make wonderful murals

Evolution of a mural.............

Flamenco Dancer

Original picture

Dry mural after carving

At bisque firing


Finished Dancer

Dancer Mural Installed


My lovely previous wife did this one



  • Bathroom tile made to size from CADD patterns
  • Each tile is unique, molded and fired to fit in a specific location in the layout


Bonsai mural with relief border and specialty accent

Specialty Tiles Over Bathroom Sink

Border & Trim Tile over Urinal

Custom Sink with Brazilian Cherry Top

Border and trim tile seen through glass shower partition

Trim tile, as drawn in CADD

Soap dish & shelf

Custom medicine cabinet

Built to take advantage of 6" wall depth. (cant find this in stores!)

Trim & border as seen through glass shower partition

Trim & border, drawn in CADD to ensure alignment with faucet

Shower floor

383 handmade pieces. (See the Handmade tile page)

Bonsai mural with surrounding trim and accents

Sink with Brazilian Cherry Top

Medicine Alcove

Towel Shelf













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