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The origin of a gypsy persona……mystical connections


Gypsies can have many qualities but perhaps the most apparent is their love of freedom.  Living close to the earth and having out of necessity, to trust their instincts for guidance.  To any varying degree this allows gifts to develop.  A hot cup of tea can yield an inspiration that portends an

in which to travel…..the inspiration of the camp fire.  The inner-listening when all is quiet….All these behaviors and others are the precursors to expanding the consciousness leading to a more dimensional self


Gypsies have a cleverness and resourcefulness evolved from living close to nature and especially love mystical and ancient places. Since they live close to the earth in a way that is different from farmers (because they move about often in their Vardos,) they love animals, horses, goats, chickens and other wildlife


How is it one becomes a Gypsy?  Most often and officially a Gypsy is Born from a blood line, they the Romanies, known as Gypsies, are a blood link with the roots of old civilizations, considered nomadic in nature and said to originate in the Hindu Kush region of Kashmir and Afghanistan.  They found their way into Europe approximately Six hundred years ago, skilled as storytellers and musicians and bringing with them from their ancient past the art of divination.


There is, however, another kind of Gypsy. It is one who has the ‘soul’ of a Gypsy because of an innate quality that arises from the depths of ones being.  Memories from that depth can tell stories of gypsy life from the past.  A life in the past, a past life recall.  These inklings may surface in different ways, sometimes as a déjà vu experience, a dream, a hypnotic experience or simply always being drawn in a certain direction.  Of course it is possible a true Gypsy will intuit your past for you with a cup of tea filled with telling formations.



                To Be Continued........



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