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Armadillo Tile & Design was started as vehicle to display my artistic interests and combine their essence all in one place. I am an artist, potter, woodworker, singer/songwriter, metal-smith and classical guitar builder with many interests but without the time to do them all.

Now that there's a new administration in town, (click here) Ive diverted to building a Gypsy Vardo at the bequest of my Dear Beloved. Once finished It'll be used to explore new places and meet new friends, as Im sure it will draw a bit of attention wherever Its seen.

There is a difference between 'hand-made tile' and tile that is "handmade?

It is possible, in a small studio, to manufacture tile that is consistent in size, shape, coloring and texture to a detail that it would take a close eye to tell the difference between the pieces. The use of fixtures, frames,  molds and specific measurement can produce a tile similar to what you would find at the local building supply center or tile showroom.

 Our tile is different in that no two are alike, made that way for a specific purpose.

Observe a tree from a distance, close enough to see the individual leaves. You do not see leaves all the same color, texture or shape, but leaves that are individually unique. Put them all together in the visual frame and you see a blend of greens and yellows, maybe brown, black and red that provides depth, contrast and unique beauty.

This process ensures that each tile is different compared the one next to it.

  • Tile shapes are determined in a CADD drawing, a template is made depending on the shrinkage properties of the clay used and transferred to a wooden pattern

  • Each tile is hand cut from the pattern using a scribe

  • Wet tiles are hand shaped or carved, then dried for several days

  • Once dry, final hand shaping on edges and the pattern is completed

  • Tiles are bisque fired to cone 04

  • Bisque fired tiles are hand painted with selected glaze and technique

  • Painted tiles are glaze fired to cone 5

  • Tiles are ready to install, having shrunk to original CADD drawing dimensions and ready for installation

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